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PAINT8.com is the right place for you to be if high quality professional residential repainting services are in your sights.

As a sole proprietor / owner John E. Delmolino treats every home as if it were his own. The impeccable paint finishes that are achieved show a true love for residential repaint work that is the mainstay of Fine Interior Painting. Since 2001 Fine Interior Painting has been a full time year round painting operation with attention to every painting detail being paramount. All work is hand done, which insures a top quality lasting paint job.

What is involved in hiring a professional painting contractor?

Once you have made the decision to hire a professional painting contractor the most important factor is that the painting contractor and you can work together as there are many decisions to be made in the painting process. This amiable relationship needs to be established immediately in order to insure a successful project. This can be determined in the initial consultation and then the project goes forward once this is established. The painting contractor should inform you relative to paint brands choices, which you will then select. A complete understanding of the painting process including preparation should be explained with you determining where you comfort level lies on each detail. Scheduling, color selections, and costs will all come together quickly.

Will my home and family be totally disrupted from the painting process?

The painting process will always take into account the client’s family needs and schedules. That amiable client / contractor relationship is key to making the painting process as pleasant and least disruptive for all involved. Painting tools and equipment will be stored so as not be in the client’s way after hours. A big plus to this process is that Fine Interior Painting always leaves a home cleaner than when the painting project started.

How soon can my painting project be completed?

Completion of the painting project is determined by several factors: the painting rotation the projects gets put into; the time of year when your make your decision to hire a professional painting contractor; and demand for the painting contractor you select. Any extenuating circumstances can usually be taken into account in some manner.

How much will my painting project cost ?

Remember these two points when hearing the estimate of what the painting project will cost: you get what you pay for and want; and this should be compared to the painting budget. Fine Interior Painting will give you an estimate of the total cost for the painting project; however, the invoices are billed at a rate of time and materials. This is the only fair way to truly achieve quality honest workmanship with no corners cut (no pun intended)! Obviously, more time is spent on areas of high visibility such as kitchens, entry ways, and sitting rooms. The converse is true of less important areas.

What brand of paint / varnish should I use?

Fine Interior Painting will inform you of the good, best, and better brands of paint. Your choice will be predicated on your painting budget, your likes, and the quality of project you want to have with respect to beauty and longevity. A lot to think about; however, Fine Interior Painting wants you to enjoy the paint finishes long after the brushes are put away.

What type of guarantee will I receive?

Fine Interior Painting always stands behind its’ workmanship. As a professional painting contractor the work is always done completely and properly before the painting project is termed completed. Any subsequent issue will be immediately appropriately handled.
Fine Interior Painting’s goal in quality workmanship is satisfied customers who are proud of the workmanship they received. That has always been the best to build referrals.

What is the basis for an excellent Paint job?

Proper residential repaint work is predicated on a proper foundation of what may lie under the paint film that is about to be applied. If that foundation is sound - called a good substrate - then the newly applied paint film will also be sound. There are several ways to ensure good paint adhesion. The surface must be clean and free from dirt, grease, oil, and grime. Washing the surface thoroughly with the proper cleaning solution and then removing the cleaning solution with a good rinsing is one way. Another way, if washing isn’t necessary, is to lightly ‘scuff’ or sand the surface and follow that with a vaccumming of the dust that is created. Filling any voids with a quality spackle, sanding, dusting, and priming as needed, all make the surface ready to receive the finish paint. That’s the easy part!

The finish paint should be applied to a uniform film build on all surfaces. This yields a uniform sheen on the surfaces coated. Unloading each brush (or roller) load of paint on the adjacent dry surface and feathering your edges is the best technique. Proper ‘feathering’ of edges prevents visible lap marks. This is especially important as the amount of light in a given room increases.

Priming the surfaces is important when needed: on marked or extremely dark surfaces, ceilings that show signs of dark marks left from house heating systems over the years, and on woodwork to help adhesion of the finish paint. A high build primer can fill in imperfections on surfaces, especially on trim work.

Two coats of finish paint always yields the truest paint sheen and in many instances the truest color. A light sanding between coats is always helpful towards achieving a quality end result.

The idea is do the proper preparation and then apply the finish paint with time tested techniques.

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