Fine Interior Painting is the choice discriminating homeowners always make.

Services Provided To Every Painting Project Include :

  • Cleaning of all surfaces as needed to insure proper paint adhesion
  • Repair of all surfaces as needed
  • Sanding of surfaces to insure the smoothest paint finish
  • Dusting / vacuuming of surfaces
  • Priming as needed
  • Selection and application of the appropriate finish paint both in type, sheen, and brand
  • Complete clean up upon completion of the project
  • The handling and or doing of anything that has to do with completing the painting project

Services Provided To Specialized Painting Projects Include:

  • Outstanding enamelwork both on cabinetry and woodwork
  • Repainting or refinishing of existing older kitchen cabinetry
  • Varnish work on both trim and cabinetry
  • Plaster work - both old time and new skim coat plaster
  • Historical restoration work
  • Softening of the edges of wood moulding and trim work to achieve an appropriate ‘edge’ for the paint film to adhere on and or to yield a ‘proper’ antique or old worn appearance
  • Application of old type floor finishes
  • Properly sealing of water stains, cheap builder’s paint, improperly sprayed ‘popcorn’ ceilings, and other building errors
  • Removal of previous peeling paint that may have been applied incorrectly thus effecting proper paint adhesion
  • Reglazing of window sash, both inside and outside, depending on the need
  • Re cording ‘old’ window sash
  • Paint Shaving of old paint with a high speed basically dust free Paint Shaver machine
  • Staining of new wood surfaces or re-staining of older surfaces
  • Application of Watco Danish oil finishes to wooden surfaces
  • Professional expert color consultations to insure maximizing your home’s beauty and thus your enjoyment
  • Consults on murals, wall paintings, faux finishes, ragging finishes, and other specialty finishes
  • Wallpaper removal and wall prep for painting
  • Application of wall coverings
  • Qualified recommendations for other craftsmen / tradesman and products especially for ‘old’ house settings
  • And anything that needs to be done to complete a specialized painting project

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Fine Interior Painting
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