Fine Interior Painting is the choice discriminating homeowners always make.

What makes Fine Interior Painting an excellent painting contractor choice?

John has been a life long home owner and knows exactly what needs to be accomplished in order to properly maintain a home. The respect for each home worked in and on is guaranteed. There is built in security with Fine Interior Painting as John is retired from the Massachusetts State Police. Beside using top quality brushes and tools, Fine Interior Painting’s basis of knowledge about which paint products are the best is unsurpassed. A life long painter at heart rounds out the true qualities of a professional painter. There is only one way to do a painting job - the right way. This philopshy sums up why Fine Interior Painting is your excellent choice for a professional painting contractor.

Remember, there is more to painting than what is in the can!

What is Fine Interior Painting’s coverage area?

Fine Interior Painting’s coverage is generally Hampshire / Franklin Counties; however, Fine Interior Painting will travel to any geographic location.

Remember, anything can be worked out.

Does Fine Interior Painting work on older homes, too?

Fine Interior Painting understands the value in any home, especially ones that are older and have more detailed trim work. Fine Interior Painting has the capability of enhancing the beauty of any home. The challenge of painting detailed workmanship is always welcomed. Of course, residential repaint work is completed in any age home.

What does it mean that Fine Interior Painting is a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Painting Contractor?

Fine Paints of Europe’s ( company owner, John Lahey, sponsored his first Certified Painter Program training workshop in 2008. Fine Interior Painting is proud to have been selected to attend that first intensive training on all the wonderful paint coatings imported from Holland. Fine Interior Painting is very familiar with these Dutch Paint Coatings. Please visit their website for more great painting information and to learn about and see the Certified Painters and the Program. (

Visit the Jones Library in Amherst, MA., to see these Dutch paints on the front main entrance door and surround. The exterior is coated with the Dutch Oil Gloss (fade resistant) and the interior is coated with the Dutch Eco Gloss, a state of the art waterbourne coating (weather resistant). Fine Interior Painting completed this pro bono painting project for the Jones Library in 2007.

How does a painter become a Master Painter?

In America the painters are not generally classified as professional. Why? Because of the promoted ‘do it yourself’ movement has said anyone can paint. For true quality work that is simply not true. If it were true it should then be applied to all the trades. If one wants just a ‘coloring’ job when painting, then you should hire a colorist. A professional painter is simply that - a tradesman who really takes pride and care in his work and has the capability of attaining that goal.

In America we have master carpenters and master plumbers. In Europe they have Master Painters - one must apprentice for ten years before being granted that title. SO, it should only follow that one who ‘mastered’ his trade should therefore, become that trades master craftsman. The Dutch Paints from Fine Paints of Europe have allowed Fine Interior Painting to finally perform at this quality level.

Remember, if you want something you have never had, you will have to to do something you have never done, so, hire a professional master painting contractor!

Will my furnishings, family valued pieces, and or antiques be protected?

Of course your household furnishings will treated with the utmost respect and care. Both clothe and plastic drop clothes are employed where needed. Furniture floor pads make it easy to slide heavy pieces of furniture to a safe location. Having been an antiques dealer gives John the first hand knowledge in how to move and care for your valuable (and even not so valuable) antiques, etc.

Does Fine Interior Painting perform a paint consultation relative to the condition of the current paint on the new home I am interested in buying?

Fine Interior Painting can provide you with a paint consultation on the existing paint conditions on your new used home you are interested in purchasing. This might well prove to be the best thing you do when purchasing a home. The reason for making that declarative statement is based on the fact that you can not fool a good painter when it comes to knowing what the current paint film reveals relative to sub surface flaws / issues which need to be addressed before any new painting starts and hopefully before you sign on the ‘purchase’ line for the property. This could be quite beneficial to you in negotiating on your purchase price. The small upfront fee charged for this important service might reap you a large reward.

Call or email to schedule a no obligation Contractor / Client initial site consultation.